Success Stories

Here you will find announcements for new licenses, stories from the pilots, and other notable events that we want to celebrate. Enjoy-

November 14, 2017- Seth Strickland -Private Pilot 

November 15, 2017- Trevor Robinson -Private Pilot 

March 14, 2018- Christopher Cazaux -Private Pilot 

April 20, 2018- Allison Woolsey -Private Pilot 

June 5, 2018- Peter Swann -Private Pilot 

July 9, 2018- Seth Strickland -Instrument Pilot 

August 14, 2018 Cobi Morano -Private Pilot 

October 29, 2018- Seth Strickland -Commercial Pilot 

November 15, 2018- Michael Page Instrument Pilot 

 August 24, 2019- Leen Moerman -Private Pilot

 September 14, 2019- Peter Swann -Commercial Pilot

 Long Distance Flight to Colorado- a story from Stephen